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Supernatural Success
May 06, 2018 Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke
I welcome you in the Name that is above all names - the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ into this special worship experience. I welcome you into a new season of life! It is a new season of Supernatural Success in every area of your life. From today you will know consistent, continuous good success in every area of your life in Jesus Name. You will experience success in every thing you lay your hands on in Jesus Name. We decree an eternal separation between you and failure from today in Jesus Name. You will succeed every time and everywhere in Jesus Name. You will succeed in Lagos; you will succeed in Nigeria; you will succeed abroad; you will succeed everywhere you find yourself in Jesus Name. You will succeed maritally; succeed academically; succeed financially; succeed on your job and business in Jesus’ Name From today your name is SUCCESS. Farewell to failure in our lives and families in Jesus’ Name. The God of heaven will give us success in Jesus Name. Supernatural Success Demands The Following: 1. Relationship With The God Of Heaven - V.20. There are different type of success viz. Natural, Preternatural and Supernatural success. Only those who are born again are entitled to Supernatural success. This was the kind of success Nehemiah experienced. Despite stiff opposition, he succeeded big time! He was able to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem in 52 days after over 150 years of dilapidation. May the Lord give us this kind of success this month and this year in Jesus name. 2. Faith In The God Of Heaven - V.20. Nehemiah did not just have a relationship with the God of heaven. He also demonstrated faith in the God of heaven. His confidence was not in the arm of the flesh; nor was it in his connection with the king or his ability. It is interesting to note how many times Nehemiah made reference to the God of heaven in this book. He was always turning to the God of heaven for Supernatural Help. And God always responded to him positively. 3. Focus On The God Of Heaven - V. 20. "There is nothing quite as potent as a focused life... The men and women who have made the greatest difference in history were very focused. For instance, Apostle Paul almost single-handedly spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. One of his secrets was a focused life. See what he said in Phil. 3:13(NLT). If you want a life of impact, focus it!" Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2002, 32. Nehemiah also had his focus on the God of heaven. He had his focus on the fulfillment of His kingdom purpose. He refused to be distracted. This greatly helped him in accomplishing his set target faster than imagined. May the Lord help you and I to keep our focus on the God of heaven. May we daily focus on the Author and Finisher of our faith in Jesus’ Name. 4. A Good And Strong Network - V.20. Another reason for Nehemiah's success was that he had a good and strong network. Network is a combination of two words viz. net and work. A little string will do no good. But when tied together many strings would form a good and strong net that can be used to catch many fish. According to Dr. Adrian Rogers, former Senior Pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee "a net is a lot of little strings tied together. Unless you have the tying of those strings together, you won't have a net. You can't catch much with one little string, but you can catch a lot with a net. We as a local church are a lot of little strings tied together. And this is what makes the net work. James Davis of the Billion Souls Network said "the essence of networking is the tying of relationships for a greater cause. Without knowing how to tie relationships together and cultivate them, you will not be able to make a net work in your life. The fact is, if we are ever going to fulfill the Great Commission and reach the whole world for Christ, tempora
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